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Crypto TechForce offers full asset recovery solutions across the following industries: Binary Options, CFDs, Forex, Crytocurrencies and Investment Fraud

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Investment Fraud

Our recovery experts help to trace or track swindlers and consequently recover funds that have been received via these counterfeit investment platforms.

Bitcoin Mining Fraud

There are a lot of companies who claim to carry out coin mining in order to mislead victims into investing with the guarantee of huge returns upon mining.

Forex Fraud

If you are a victim of any of the popular types of bitcoin scams, Crypto TechForce alwayys finds a way to get them back.


Tell us what happened

Describe to us in detail what actually happened. We listen to our clients tell us how they were defrauded online. We understand that we all make mistakes sometimes so it is okay to talk to us. We are here to help.

We can help recover your funds

At Crypto TechForce, we provide full asset recovery solution across the following industries : Binary Options, CFDs, Forex, CryptoCurrencies & Investment Fraud.


Work Process

To urge our clients to give us of details of the incident and evidences that may aid our investigations.

Client Interview

We critically examine the evidences we have at hand and determine the best way to recover lost funds.


We swing right into action after a pathway has been determined to recovery our clients' funds.


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